WQGS sewage pump malfunction analysis and elimination



Installation, operation and maintenance tips


●It is forbidden to pull cables with force in the installation and removal of electric pump to aovid wires breaking and joint delinking which lead to normal operation failure and even burns;

●Please ensure correct and reliable cable earthing in the installation of electric pump. It is forbidden for humans or animals to approach operational water area or touch the electric pump when it is working. In order to reduce electric shock risks, it can only be connected with earthing plug;

●Overload operation is forbidden;

●The cables associated with pumps should not be less than 1.2 times of the electric pump area;

●The electric pump must be fastened in the installation. But the cables can not be stressed or rotate together with the electric pump once it is started;

●Once the pump does not produce water in the operation, the electric pump should be checked for any reverse rotation or the check valve at the water outlet mouth should be checked for any residual air;

●Phase-to-phase and relative ground-to-ground insulation resistance of the motor of electric pump should be inspected on a regular basis with the resistance no lower than 2MΩ. Otherwise, the equipment should be disassembled for inspection and repair;

●After half a year of normal operation under stipulated working conditions, the electric pump should be checked for oil room sealing condition. Once the oil is emulsified or sedimented water comes out, 10# machine oil and mechanical seal parts should be replaced in a timely manner;

●One large-scale repair work should be conducted after normal operation for one year: worn parts should be replaced, fasteners should be inspected and lubricant should be supplemented and replaced to ensure excellent lubrication in the normal operation;

●Please clean the electric pump and wipe out beads if not in use.


malfunction cause analysis elimination methods
inadequate flow orno water 1mistaken blade item adjust any two phase sequence of the power circuits
2.openness and completeness of outlet valve  inspect valve
3.left air in the pipes between valve and pump makes it difficult to open the valve discharge air in the pipes
4.too low rotation speed  check the power supply for voltage degree
5.excessive seal ring abrasion replace
6.high density or viscosity in the liquid change the density and viscosity of liquid
7.pipe and blade blockage eliminate obstacles in the pipes and blades
unstable electric pump
1.blade imbalance  replace or operate wheel balancing
2.bearing damage replace
3.overload operation  adjust valve to avoid electric pump overload
4.sliding installation installation again
low insulation resistance 1.leakage in the wiring end of cable and power circuits fasten and press nuts tightly
2.cable wires damage or water entering from head replace
3.mechanical seal abrasion replace
4.O-shaped seal ring aging and failure replace
excessive current 1.low working voltage  adjust working voltage
2.blade blockage or stuck-up clean obstacles in the pipes and liquid
3.high density or viscosity in the liquid change the density and viscosity of liquid
4excessive valve openness adjust valve openness

Post time: Apr-12-2019
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