Corporate Culture


SOG Corporate Mission:Let all the SOG member live a better life.

Keep the continuous improvement of employees' abilities and values in six point, career, growth, wealth, family, health, love and dedication.Let all the SOG member obtain double happiness both  material and spiritual aspect.


SOG Corporate Vision: Build a respected enterprise

★ Continuously provide "high quality, high efficiency, high cost performance" pump products ;Provide services that exceed customers' expectations and create maximum value for customers.

★ Become the most attractive company in the eyes of employees, and make excellent employees and partners become co-partners.

★ Become "China worthy-trust pump solution specialist", development contribution for pump industry !

★ We are committed to the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and public welfare education ,and make contributions to the realization of Chinese dream!


SOG Core Value: Concentration, innovation, trust, action, PK


SOG Corporate Goals:the first five-year plan from 2017-2021

2018: Completed the construction of studying organization

2019:Completed the collectivization of SOG.

2020: Established one operation-team no less than 60 people.Train more than 20 "professional special forces" and 10 general managers;Train more than 10 co-partners whom annual income more than 300,000 RMB, and the annual income of all SOG members exceeds 100,000 RMB.The business scale reaches 100 million RMB.

2021: Total develop more than 30 strategic partners , help them to train 100 "industry professionals". Total of over 350,000 RMB will be donated to public welfare undertakings

Strive to complete the sponge division of SOG group come into market before 2021.


SOG Corporate Principles:

Customer first, staff first;

Consistent in words and deeds 

Never buy a future for short-term benefits

Be honest and live with dignity

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